Vendor Information Center

Vendor Guidelines

The purpose of these vendor guidelines is to acquaint prospective bidders and vendors with the purchasing procedures used by UNC Pembroke.

The University intends that its purchasing be conducted in accordance with State laws so that the taxpayer receives full value for each dollar of public funds spent. To that end, the University’s procedures conform to open, ethical and sound procurement policies. Qualified vendors, therefore, are invited to compete for University’s business, which consists of a variety of goods and services.

The Division of Purchase and Contract, part of North Carolina’s Department of Administration, has the responsibility for administering the State’s program for the acquisition of personal property and services. The Division carries out its responsibilities according to the North Carolina General Statutes, Article 3 of Chapter 143 and rules and regulations adopted by the Secretary of Administration after consultation with the Advisory Budget Commission. For most expenditures under the university's delegation and for specially designated purchases, North Carolina State University is delegated purchasing authority. The Purchasing Department has the responsibility for administering the purchasing program on behalf of the University.

Contracts for the University are awarded on the basis of best value to the University — price, quality, and other prescribed selection factors considered. Where price and other factors are identical (tie bids), preference in awarding contracts is given to North Carolina bidders.

Posting of Bids

UNC Pembroke bids are posted using the Interactive Purchasing System (IPS), which is managed by the State of North Carolina, Division of Purchase and Contract.

This on-line system is designed to electronically notify registered vendors of opportunities for their specified commodities.  Only registered vendors will receive notification of Request for Quote or Request for Proposal opportunities.

To register for automatic electronic notification, please use Vendor Link NC.  Vendors may also routinely check the same site for a listing of opportunities from NC State University and other state agencies.  Anyone can search the IPS site by entering the WEB address, but only those suppliers registered will receive automatic electronic notification.

Responding to Request for Quotes/Proposals/ RFP’s

The Purchasing Department posts all Request for Quotes (RFQ) and Request for Proposals (RFP) on the State of North Carolina, Division of Purchase and Contract’s Interactive Purchasing System.  Supplier must register (follow Vendor Link NC) under the commodities or services that they provide to receive electronic notification of bid opportunities.

Responsibility of Bidders

Prospective vendors should be financially sound and able to perform fully according to the specifications, delivery requirements, services and other stipulations contained in the RFQ/RFP at the price(s) quoted.  In cases where the contractor refuses to comply with the resultant contract, the University (or State depending on award authority) reserves the right to purchase on the open market and charge the contractor with any excess costs incurred.