Training Materials

BraveCart Training Manual

Please use this BraveCart Training Manual along with the training videos below as a tool to become more familiar with BraveCart. This manual includes step by step instructions for requisitioners on how to enter requisitions and for  Financial Managers on how to approve requisitions.  

How to enter a requisition
Focus on placing and approving requisitions, overview of the approval workflow, and receiving items. Training is required for all Bravecart users before access is granted.

This video will walk you through the steps on how to enter a requisition in BraveCart.  

Financial Managers:

How to Approve a requisition

This video will walk you through the steps on how to approve a requisition in BraveCart.

PCard Services Training (Coming Soon)

Once your application has been received by the PCard Administrator, a request will be sent to Bank of America for your card.  After the card has arrived, you will receive an email from the Pcard office about training.  Training is required for all users before your card is activated. 


Purchasing Training (Coming Soon)