As a State-supported institution, The University of North carolina at Pembroke must follow the regulations and purchasing policies set forth by the state of North Carolina. The Division of Purchase and Contract, a part of North Carolina's Department of Administration, has the responsibility for administering the State's program for the acquisition of property and services where public or grant funds are involved. The University has been delegated purchasing authority. The Purchasing Office has the responsibility for administering the purchasing program on behalf of the University while adhering to the policies set forth by the North Carolina Department of Administration, Division of Purchase and Contract at https://ncadmin.nc.gov/about-doa/divisions/purchase-contract.

The Purchasing Office is responsible for reviewing and approving a Contractual Services Agreement legally binding the University for Personal Services with Independent Contractors.  The Personal Services Contract and Independent form should only be utilized for non-UNCP employees or students.

Examples of Personal Services

  • Performances
  • Speeches
  • Research

Banner ID:

If the independent contractor does not have a Banner ID #, the requesting department will need to send a vendor invitation via  BraveCart/Submit Vendor Request to the individual.  Please contact Purchasing at extension 4657 with any questions or if assistance is needed.