Talent Management and Development

Talent Management and Development

Through Talent Management and Development, the Office of Human Resources provides professional development opportunities for all UNCP faculty and staff. By continuing to develop the workforce, UNC Pembroke ensures that university employees have the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully contribute to organizational goals. The Office of Human Resources is pleased to offer training and provide resources that meet the needs of our diverse workforce. Our office will also continuously reach out to the campus community to determine future needs for professional development programs.



We are pleased to announce the implementation of the Percipio Learning Management System (LMS). Available to all employees, the system enables employees to search the library, select content, and complete relevant online training to support personal and professional growth. Please contact us for course suggestions as you explore Percipio content to enhance your skills.

Performance Management

The Performance Management Cycle is an effective tool to assess employees that comprises a minimum of three (3) components:

  1. Performance plans are the foundation of the Full Cycle performance management process and may by used as a roadmap to the year
  2. The Mid-Year Review is a spot-check to assess how well employees are meeting expectations as outlined in the performance plan
  3. The Final Evaluation is an assessment of the employee against the workplan: the employee will have one of three (3) ratings in each area;
    1. Did not meet expectations
    2. Meets expectations
    3. Exceeds expectations

Note that if there is a rating of ‘does not meet expectations’ anywhere in the evaluations, the employee may NOT receive an overall rating of ‘Exceeds expectations.”

Also note that supervisors will need to include a justification for an employee to receive a rating of “Exceeds expectations.” To receive this rating, employees must done more than just a great job on the work plan. The employee may have taken on additional duties, improved efficiency to reduce budget costs, or increased efficiency in departmental processes.

Link to access the Online Performance Management System: https://jobs.uncp.edu/hr/login Power Point directions to navigate the Online Performance Management System: 

Link to the presentation: Supervisors: Migrating from Paper to an Online Platform for SHRA Employees' Performance Management Cycle, 2020-2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MC37eXKoVA&feature=youtu.be

Link to the presentation:  Employees: Migrating from Paper to an Online Platform for SHRA Employees' Performance Management Cycle, 2020-2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gNymjcGQZQ&feature=youtu.be

Creating Effective Performance Plans for SHRA and EHRA Non-Teaching Employees

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Video Duration: 7.46 minutes

Interim and Mid-Year Review

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Video Duration: 3.32 minutes

The Performance Management Cycle: The Final Review or Annual Evaluation

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Video Duration:  7.53 minutes


Additional Development Opportunity Links

University employees can take advantage of numerous other professional development opportunities offered both on and off campus through the following:

Enhancing Employee Relations & Organizational Development

Microsoft 365 Training

Using WebEx

Office of Environmental Health and Safety Training

UNCP Teaching and Learning Center

UNCP Office of Online Learning

Robeson Community College

Training offered by the Office of State Human Resources

The NC Learning Center

Contact us:

Dr. Nicolette S. Campos

Director of Employee Relations and Workforce Development

(910) 775-4341


Sheila O. Hardee

HR Consultant

(910) 521-6587