Classification and Compensation


The Classification and Compensation unit is committed to providing equitable salaries and wages to all employees, within the limits of accountability and fiscal responsibility.  The unit supports position management, classification, consultation, position design, and compensation analysis.  

The unit has responsibility for coordinating decisions for the effective design and delivery of competitive compensation programs to meet university needs.   Classification and Compensation provides support and direction on a variety of salary administration policies and best practices to maintain fair and equitable classification and salary decisions for the university’s workforce. 

SHRA Positions and Employees

The North Carolina University System Schools utilize the Office of State Human Resources Career Banding system to classify and compensate SHRA (Subject to the State Human Resources Act) positions across Campus. Career Banding links compensation, competency assessment, performance management, recruitment, and training and development.  The Classification and Compensation unit administers Career Banding for UNCP and is your resource for position development, classification, and compensation for all SHRA positions.

SHRA Classification/Compensation Resources

SHRA employees may view the UNC System Career Banding Salary Ranges on the Salary Schedules page.  

Please see the Competency Profiles page on OSHR’s website for the Career Banding competency profile information. 


EHRA Classification/Compensation Resources

What is EHRA?

As a State entity, the University of North Carolina (UNC) system is subject to the State Human Resources Act. However, four categories of positions have been largely exempted from coverage under the Act. Positions considered “EHRA” (Exempt from the Human Resources Act) fall in these categories:

  • Instructional positions
  • Research positions
  • Information Technology (Public Service) / Extension positions
  • Senior Academic & Administrative Officer (“SAAO”) positions

In order for a position to be established as EHRA, UNCP Human Resources (OHR) submits the request to the EHRA Advisory Board (HRAB). Upon recommendation of HRAB, the UNC System President makes the final determination of all EHRA designations and issues a formal notification.

EHRA positions require the completion of an advanced degree, usually a master’s degree or above or equivalent independent experience in comparable instructional or educational activities or a comparable record of independent research productivity, as a minimum educational qualification.

EHRA employees may review salary ranges by logging into BraveWeb.


Becky Thompson, Classification and Compensation Manager

Phone: 910.521.6334