UNC System Employee Engagement Survey

What is the UNC System Employee Survey?

The UNC System Employee Engagement Survey is a new program sponsored by the UNC System. It is an annual survey on workplace satisfaction that will take place each year for the next five years at all UNC institutions as part of the UNC System Strategic Plan.

Why are we doing this?

The University is trying to measure workplace engagement. Studies have shown that the more engaged an employee is at their workplace, the more satisfied the employee is and the more productive the work unit is. The engagement survey will collect data from both faculty and staff and will help the University identify areas of strength and areas that need improvement.

Do I have to participate?

The survey will be sent to all permanent full-time (75% time or more) faculty and staff employed as of December 2017.  Your participation is voluntary. You should not feel pressured to participate, but since this is a great chance for you to be heard, we strongly encourage your participation.

For more information on the Engagement Survey, please follow the link below:

UNC System Employee Engagement Survey