TEAS® Information

TEAS Deadline: The TEAS score report is due by January 31, 2024.  TEAS scores are valid from February 16, 2023 - January 31, 2024. Maximum of two attempts with at least 30 days between each attempt. 

The TEAS® exam is required for all students who are applying to the Upper Division Nursing BSN Program.  Exams must be taken and submitted to the department by January 31 of the year of admission to the Upper Division.  Thus, if you are applying for fall 2024, your TEAS® score report is due by January 31, 2024.  Tests may be taken twice per cycle (February 16th - January 31st) with at least 30 days between attempts.  Students may also take the examination at any approved testing center (including community colleges) and via at-home proctoring. 

Notice: TEAS score reports dated between February 1st - February 15th will not be accepted for any admission cycle. 

All students should check with the McKenzie-Elliott School of Nursing to ensure that their results have been received. When registering and before taking the exam, be sure to designate UNCP to receive your scores.  If you do not designate UNCP to receive your score report, you will need to login to ATI, print your score report, and send it to the McKenzie-Elliott School of Nursing.

IMPORTANT: All students must create an ATI account before taking the TEAS and bring their username and password to the Testing Center in order to take the TEAS exam.  Instructions for creating an account are available below.