Faculty-Led Study Abroad


The Office of Global Engagement actively encourages the participation faculty and staff in the development of global engagement efforts at UNCP.

There are several ways you can be involved, including:

  • Developing a Faculty-led Study Abroad or Study Away program
  • Sponsoring an international scholar for short-term study or research
  • Collaboration in the development of international agreements
  • Participation in an international teaching fellowship
  • Promotion of the university in international settings
  • Contributing to internationalization efforts on the campus of UNCP
  • Supporting students from the English Language Institute

Global Engagement also welcomes the contributions of UNCP faculty and staff who wish to express ideas for other international efforts on the campus of UNCP, in the local community, and abroad.


For more information about opportunities for UNCP faculty and staff contact:

Global Engagement




UNCP faculty do their best to make sure that our faculty-led programs are affordable for our students. The cost of a faculty-led program can be dependent on the places where you will be staying, the activities that are planned, the cost of living in the program location, and the seasonal cost of travel, in addition to other factors.

Keep the following costs in mind as you budget for a faculty-led program:

  • The cost of the program, which you can find on our program information pages, normally includes travel, lodging, activity fees, and 1 or 2 meals per day.
  • Every faculty-led program is associated with a class at UNCP. Students should remember that class tuition is paid separately from the program costs.
  • Additional costs not included in the program: these can include your meals, activities during your free time, the cost of souvenirs, assigned books, etc.
  • Travel Insurance ($25 per student). This is often included in the program cost.

If you are interested in a short-term faculty-led program, please visit our list of available programs to get more specific cost estimates.

Financial Aid

*Did you know that you may be eligible for additional loan funds to help pay for your study abroad experience?

It is important for you to communicate with the Office of Financial Aid (fa@uncp.edu) and the Office of Global Engagement (oge@uncp.edu) to learn more. Review your financial aid award information on BraveWeb and complete your Study Abroad application first. You are then welcome to make an appointment with the Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships Mr. Timothy Sampson who specializes in study abroad financing eligibility.

Faculty-Led/Short-Term/Summer Study Abroad Programs

Since most Faculty-Led programs are connected with a spring semester course taught at UNCP, then financial aid can be utilized. Remember to complete your short-term study abroad application and pay your one-time application fee of $50. However, in order to qualify for financial aid in the summer, you must be registered for a minimum of 6 credit hours and receive grades of 'C' or higher. 

*Did you know that the aid you take during the fall/spring can affect your summer aid eligibility?

Financial Aid & Study Abroad Form