Semester Abroad

Semester Study Abroad

Neveen in South Korea


"There is no end to the beauty of this world! Wherever one goes, there are always new things to see and experience.  What’s more amazing than to go around the world and experience different cultures; or to get experience and learn not only outside of classroom but outside the whole country?!?  Studying abroad allowed me to have more experience, make new friends around the world, learn new language, experience different culture, make amazing memories, and much more. Most importantly, it taught me to be open minded about diversity by accept and appreciate the change and differences in others."

Check out the article below about Neveen's Study Abroad Trip!

Travis in Manchester


"Study Abroad was a wonderful experience that allowed me to see the world in a new way.  I could never have imagined that I would be able to travel to Europe until I was given the chance to study abroad at Bangor University in Wales.  While there I was able to travel throughout Wales and also visit many nearby countries such as Italy, Ireland, and made several trips into different parts of England.  The curriculum was more strenuous than what I was used to, but I feel that UNC-Pembroke had provided me with a good foundation of knowledge and that I was prepared for the challenge. 

I felt a great sense of pride in knowing that I was globally competitive and able succeed in this academically rigorous environment. 

I was able to make friends not only with students from the UK, but with other Study Abroad students from around the world.  I would recommend that anyone who is considering Study Abroad take advantage of this great opportunity!"

Travis in Italy
Mireida in Chile



"Through the family, friends in the university, and professors I learned many things about Chilean culture. I learned about myself as well. I understand better who I am, which is shocking because I thought I knew myself pretty well. I was challenged academically and personally. I found classes very different from what I am accustomed to and I felt homesick at times. It was a challenge that I had never faced, but I learned to build a support system and talk to my fellow classmates that were also abroad..."

"I was able to travel to Machu Picchu, Peru during spring break. Oh the journey was fun! Endless hours traveling by bus with ten foreigners is an unforgettable experience." 

"My studying abroad experience was successful and enriching! Only bad thing is, now I just want to travel more and see all those friends I made from around the world." 

Faculty-led Study Abroad

FLSA Thailand 2015



"Thailand overall was a great experience, and now I want to travel around the world and learn more about different types of cultures."

"I liked Thailand. It gave me a different view on life and how people get by in life. I have learned to be more appreciative of what we have, because a lot of people are not as fortunate."

"I really enjoyed all the temples we visited, especially the ruins at Sukhothai. Much of the time, anything we learn in history focuses on the Western world. Thai history is rich, and the Thai kingdom has been around for over two thousand years."

"So, my overall experience in Thailand was excellent. I learned many things about the country and its culture, society, and its history, as well as the importance of Buddhism... to the Thai people. The highlights of my trip were the elephant camp, the river boat ride to see the waterfall, exploring Bangkok's markets, and the Grand and Summer Palaces."

"Traveling so long on the plane is very rough, but it was all a part of the experience. I really do feel like I've gained a lot of knowledge on Thailand after observing their society as a whole, whether it was from a religious or cultural perspective."

"I loved the trip. I tried new food and got to visit places that hold history and value in the Thai culture. I would definitely go back..."

"I am thinking about studying abroad again soon, but for a whole semester. I loved seeing different people and tasting different food. I am thankful for the chance to explore another culture."

"I would love to do this again, either back in Thailand or somewhere else.... I have to put that passport to some good use."

Academics and Advising

The following information is for students who will be studying abroad for a semester or a year. If you are interested in a Faculty-led program, please discuss this opportunity with your academic adviser and the faculty-lead for the trip.

You have been accepted to study abroad, now what?



  • Students may begin their application to the desired study abroad program. Please remember additional application fees may apply.
  • Students are not guaranteed acceptance. It is up to the host University to accept a student based on the student's individual application.



  • The student is responsible for selecting courses at the host university and providing UNCP with the course descriptions.
  • The SA Coordinator (along with the appropriate Department Chair) will approve the selected courses.
  • Your assigned academic adviser MUST also approve your course listings to ensure they will transfer back and count toward your degree program.
  • Students must have the equivalency of a 'C' or higher in order to transfer the course back to UNCP.
  • If a student is approved to study abroad in the final 30 hours of their program, they must confirm that their selected courses are offered with their host university.
  • The course authorization form must be completed before you leave. Otherwise, OGE cannot guarantee that you will receive credit for the courses you take abroad, which can have serious consequences for your financial aid.
  • It is a good idea for you to get twice as many courses authorized as you plan on taking since you may encounter issues registering for your courses at your host university. 



  • Once you are accepted by the host university, you must apply for the appropriate country Visa.
  • Application for the visa is a self-petition. UNCP cannot apply for the visa on your behalf.



  • At the end of your program, you will be responsible for having your host university transcript sent to the SA Coordinator for evaluation based on prior course approval.
  • If the above pre-approved courses changed while studying abroad, it is the responsibility of the student to notify the SA Coordinator for further course options and approval at the time of course registration.
  • If the student neglects to notify the SA Coordinator of course changes, does not receive a grade equivalence of 'C' or higher, or does not have his or her transcript sent in a timely manner, the student's financial aid may be affected in the future.
  • Based on the student’s academic performance during study abroad, SA Coordinator in consultation with the Director of International Programs may deny future study abroad consideration (either short-term, semester, or full-year). 



  • The Chair of your Department
  • The SA Coordinator
  • Your adviser

It is very important that you complete all forms in an accurate and timely manner. Failure to do so could result in delays or, in extreme cases, removal from your exchange program.


The great thing about studying abroad is that it can often be done very affordably. 

  • Students who go abroad through an exchange program will pay their usual tuition and fees at UNCP. This will allow you to easily use your financial aid and will keep your academic costs in line with what you are used to paying.
  • Most students will pay for their room and their meals at the host university, and you can often find out information about these costs on the websites for the school you will be attending. However, students who study through the ISEP consortium will pay for their room and their meals at UNCP, just like they pay their tuition and fees. ISEP does have a small fee associated with their program, which you can learn more about HERE
  • Other costs include travel to and from the host university, local transportation, your books and materials, the cost of your passport and visa, site-seeing costs, and other personal expenses. 
  • All students who study abroad with UNCP are required to purchase GeoBlue insurance for the time they are abroad. Click HERE for more information.
  • Financial aid and scholarships are available. (Click the links on the right from the menu to learn more.)

If you are interested in studying abroad through an exchange program, please visit our list of exchange options to get more specific cost estimates.

Financial Aid

*Did you know that you may be eligible for additional loan funds to help pay for your study abroad experience?

It is important for you to communicate with the Office of Financial Aid ( and the Office of Global Engagement ( to learn more. Review your financial aid award information on BraveWeb and complete your Study Abroad application first. You are then welcome to make an appointment with the Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships Mr. Timothy Sampson who specializes in study abroad financing eligibility.

Semester/Year-Long Study Abroad Programs

Generally, your scholarships, grants, and loans may be used for semester and year-long study abroad, assuming you maintain full-time (minimum 12 credit hours) and good academic standing (2.0 GPA). Please verify with Ms. Clark how your individual awards may apply. Note that you may only apply financial aid to the courses you take abroad if you have completed the Study Abroad Course Authorization Form and paid your one-time application fee of $50. You also need to confirm that each appropriate department head has approved the foreign course (and it's equivalent course at UNCP) for which you will receive credit. Also, you must have the signature of your Faculty Advisor on your Course Authorization Form indicating that you need each of the approved UNCP courses to graduate.

*Did you know that if you have maximized your federal loans, then you may not be eligible for any additional financial aid funding?

Financial Aid & Study Abroad Form

Are You Ready?

The idea of traveling and studying outside of the United States can sometimes seem overwhelming, but don't worry; the staff at international programs are here to help.

Pre-Departure Orientation

Every student who studies abroad will participate in a pre-departure orientation. These sessions are designed provide you with the information you need to have a great study abroad experience. We will give you information about logistics, cultural adjustment, safety, and what to expect at your host university.

The study abroad coordinator will schedule a session with you or your class (if you are going on a faculty-led trip). And, in the meantime, you can take a look at our Pre-Departure Handbook.