Create a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program

Belize trip

Faculty / Staff- Thank you for your interest in planning a Faculty-led Study Abroad (FLSA) (or Study Away) program for credit.

Leading a group of students is a daunting, challenging, but rewarding experience. You will need to step out of your traditional university role to serve as a marketer, mentor, counselor, and group leader. Download the PowerPoint presentation below to get started and review the Department of State's travel warning's map for the country and area you want to visit- Travel.State.Gov.

In the Downloads section, pay close attention to the Presentation, Proposal, and Checklist. (The Manual is very detailed and while needs updating, will prove useful for you when planning a study abroad.) 

*For credit means your academic course has a travel component and listed like a special topics course (PLSS). You also have the option of cross-listing your course with WLS 2990, but approval from the Registrar is required. If the experience is strictly for travel and there will be no credit given or academic component, then the trip is not considered an official Study Abroad program but you would still submit an amended proposal.

Deadlines for Submission

When is the Trip? Proposal Due    Plan Due


   9 months prior       September 1


   9 months prior    December 1


   9 months prior      January 15


   9 months prior     March 31