Exploratory Braves Guide: Discover your major!

Getting Started

Starting your college career as an undecided student will have its advantages. By exploring which classes you find interesting, you will gain a diverse breadth of knowledge that will look beneficial to future employers and come in handy in everyday life. This is something students with narrow focus will not gain.

Take advantage of diverse coursework by seeing what it has to offer and to which majors it is related. Get to know your professors across departments and ask them questions about their field. This will give you great indicators on whether these are majors you would like to pursue.

Don’t feel alone! Many students start their college journey unsure of what major they would like to study, and many that do have a major when starting college, end up changing their minds.

Pro-tip: There’s already a built-in guide for undecided students to discover what courses the university has to offer. It’s called a General Education Checklist.

Every student at UNCP must complete the General Education Checklist, but it’s also a great way to learn about the classes offered at UNCP. This checklist gives undecided students the chance to explore a variety of majors that span Social Sciences (Psychology, Economics, Political Science), Natural Sciences (Biology, Earth Science, Math), and the Humanities (Art, Literature, History).

Taking these classes will give students a comprehensive repertoire of various courses that will make them well-rounded individuals and give them insight into which subjects they find interesting. When interest leads to excitement and excitement leads to passion, you have found your major.