Academic Advising


The Resource Learning Lab provides you with an opportunity to improve your academic readiness by utilizing computer software that improves academic skills. The Resource Learning Lab offers computer-based, self-paced tutoring in basic writing skills, from composing sentences, paragraphs, and essays, to addressing common writing problems, basic reading comprehension, and word problem dissection.

The Striving Toward Academic Recovery (STAR) Program is intended for students who are returning from an academic and/or financial aid suspension. Our goal is to assist students with getting back on track academically so that they can be successful at UNCP. STAR Program participants have the option of participating in individual sessions or group sessions; or they may request to participate in both.

The HAWK (Honing Academics With Knowledge) Alert Program is designed to identify those students who are having academic difficulty at any point in their academic career. By identifying these students, the Center for Student Success can address their needs, thereby increasing the likelihood of their success.

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