Exploratory Braves Guide: Discover your major!

Exploratory Guide

Here is a guide to help you decided what your next steps should be based on where you are in your college journey.

Through reflecting on your own life experiences, some research of your own, utilizing resources offered by UNCP, exploring varying classes and opportunities, and support from your academic success coach, you will find the major that will help you achieve your purpose.

Don’t know which to way to lean?

If you are at this stage in your undecided journey, you really don’t have an idea of a major you would like to study. You think you could as likely major in Social Work as you could major in Math (or any other different majors). You likely need some guidance in how to get started. Here’s what we suggest:

Leaning towards a field:

If you are at this stage of your undecided journey, you may have a field that you are interested in, but haven’t quite nailed down a specific major. This may mean you are interested in Science, but not sure if you should pursue Chemistry or Biology. Here’s some advice:

Leaning towards a few majors:

At this stage in your undecided journey, you are probably between just a few majors. You like them all, but know it’s time to make a decision and need a little nudge or reassurance. Here’s a tip:

Lean into Declaration!

You’ve reached the final step: Declare your major. You can get the form here: Declaration of Major/Minor Form. You are making real progress on your UNCP journey. After declaring a major, you will be assigned a new academic advisor, one who works in your field and can answer more specific questions about your new major.