Degree Plans and Codes

Four Year Degree Plans

Each recommended degree path (linked below) outlines a sample course plan towards graduating in four years. The path suggests taking courses in specific semesters, but there may be semesters when a course is not offered. Consult your advisor for your official degree planning.

Please be advised that in order to graduate in four years individuals must successfully complete a minimum of 15 to 18 credit hours per semester.

Degree Reference Codes

Code Major
GENB B.S. in Biology (no track)
BBOT B.S. in Biology with a Botany Track
BENV B.S. in Biology with an Environmental Biology Track
BMOL B.S. in Biology with a Molecular Biology Track
BZOO B.S. in Biology with a Zoology Track
BMED B.S. in Biology with a Biomedical Emphasis
PTOT B.S. in Biology with a Pre-Physical Therapy/Pre- Occupational Therapy Concentration
BTEC B.S. in Biotechnology
  Environmental Science:
ENVB B.S. in Environmental Science (no track)
SUAG B.S. in Environmental Science with a Sustainable Agriculture Track
  Science Education:
SBIO B.S. in Science Education -- Biology Concentration
SCHM B.S. in Science Education -- Chemistry Concentration
SETH B.S. in Science Education -- Earth Science Concentration
SMGM B.S. in Science Education -- Middle Grades Concentration
SPHY B.S. in Science Education -- Physics Concentration