Degree Plans and Codes

Four-Year Degree Plans

Each recommended degree plan (linked below) outlines a sample course path towards graduating in four years. The path suggests taking courses in specific semesters, but there may be semesters when a course is not offered. Consult your advisor for your official degree planning. 

Please be advised that in order to graduate in four years, individuals must successfully complete a minimum of 15 to 18 credit hours per semester.

Degree Reference Codes

Code Major
GENB B.S. in Biology (no track)
BAGS B.S. in Biology with an Agricultural Science Emphasis
BBTE B.S. in Biology with a Biotechnology Emphasis
BBOT B.S. in Biology with a Botany Track
BENV B.S. in Biology with an Environmental Biology Track
BMOL B.S. in Biology with a Molecular Biology Track
BPPT B.S. in Biology with a Pre-Physical Therapy Emphasis
BZOO B.S. in Biology with a Zoology Track
BMED B.S. in Biology with a Biomedical Emphasis
PTOT B.S. in Biology with a Pre-Physical Therapy/Pre- Occupational Therapy Concentration
BTEC B.S. in Biotechnology
  Environmental Science:
ENVB B.S. in Environmental Science (no track)
SUAG B.S. in Environmental Science with a Sustainable Agriculture Track
  Science Education:
SBIO B.S. in Science Education -- Biology Concentration
SCHM B.S. in Science Education -- Chemistry Concentration
SETH B.S. in Science Education -- Earth Science Concentration
SMGM B.S. in Science Education -- Middle Grades Concentration
SPHY B.S. in Science Education -- Physics Concentration