Student Awards

Each year the Department of Biology bestows scholarships and awards to several of its most outstanding students. Pictured above are the 2023 winners.

Go to Brave Assist (student scholarship portal) to apply for awards.  Brave Assist accepts applications from December 1st to February 28th for the upcoming academic year.  Some awards, such as the Biology Faculty Award, are bestowed based on faculty nominations of outstanding students, and applications are not required.

2023 Award Winners:

  • Biology Faculty Award -- Kyra Locklear
  • Robert F. Britt Memorial Scholarship -- Alisabeth Ramos
  • GlaxoWellcome Women in Science (Biology) Scholarship -- Marijo Wilkes
  • GlaxoWellcome Women in Science (Chemistry) Scholarship -- Kae Burns
  • Lumbee River EMC Scholar Program -- Erik Lowery
  • Dr. Harold David Maxwell Scholarship -- Ava Cox

2019 Award Winners:

  • Biology Faculty Award -- Cheyenne Lee
  • Robert Britt Memorial Scholarship -- Melanie A. Handley
  • Environmental Science Scholarship -- not awarded
  • Environmental Science Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship -- not awarded
  • James Porter Math and Environmental Science Scholarship -- Joshua Cade and Chailee Jones
  • Lumber River EMC Scholar Program -- Phoenix Lockear
  • Biology Club Award -- Jazlyn Pointer

Award Descriptions:

1. Biology Club Award is given to an outstanding member of the Club. The cash award is $100.

2. Biology Faculty Award is given to a junior who has an outstanding QPA and who is majoring in biology or environmental science. The cash award is $200.

3. Robert F. Britt Memorial Scholarship is given to a biology major who has shown interest in the plant sciences. In the case that there is not a qualified student who is majoring in biology with an interest in the plant sciences, the scholarship may be awarded to any biology major.

4. James Ebert Award is given to a biology/environmental science student with an exceptional interest in ecology. The cash award is $250. No longer available.

5. Ecology/Environmental Science Award is given to a biology/environmental science student who demonstrates exceptional interest in ecology. Anonymous donor. No longer available.

6. GlaxoWellcome Women in Science Scholarship is given to a junior or senior female student who has a QPA of at least 3.0 and who is majoring in biology. The recipient should have a strong interest in attending graduate school and conducting research. Students whose coursework emphasizes biomedical, molecular or biotechnology studies are encouraged to apply.

7. Lumbee River EMC Scholarship is given to an outstanding student in the biology or environmental science program with a preference on those students who intend to pursue a career in agriculture. LREMC Scholars will maintain a minimum of 3.0 QPA. Incoming freshman as well as current students will be eligible. The student or their parents/legal guardian must be a member of Lumbee River EMC.

8. Dr. Harold D. Maxwell Scholarship is given to a full-time freshman or sophomore pursuing a degree in biology. The recipient must demonstrate financial need and have at least a 3.0 QPA.

9. Science Education Award is given to a student who demonstrates outstanding leadership or achievement in science education. The award is contingent upon QPA.

The 2019 award winners are pictured in the first gallery below (photographs courtesy of Dr. Leon Jernigan), and the 2018 awardees are in the next gallery.