Careers in Biology

If you do not already have a job goal in mind and are wondering what kinds of jobs exist within the broad scope of biology, you might look at a list of biology-related job areas/possibilities. View various career possibilities in biology. It might also be helpful to look at a list of biology subdisciplines, in case you aren't sure what area of biology you might be most interested in pursuing. View a list of biology sub-disciplines.

Web Links

Surfing the web and regularly visiting sites that list biology-related openings is one good way to stay informed concerning the job market. Though certainly not comprehensive, check out our link listing several sites which are known to list position openings. Temporary positions for students such as internships and fellowships are listed under the Research Internships link to the left. Students are encouraged to help build our list of sites by giving information on sites you may know of to either Dr. Zeigler, Dr. Poage, or Dr. L. Kelly.

Career Center

Though there may be some overlap, the UNCP Career Center also has informational links concerning careers in biology.