Minor in Art History

The Art History minor allows students to augment any major with courses that analyze the history, theory, and criticism of world visual culture. Eighteen semester hours are required.


Requirements for a Minor in Art History
Semester Hours
Required courses :

ART 2080 Survey of Art I: Ancient through Medieval

ART 2090. Survey of Art II: Renaissance through Contemporary


Plus twelve hours of electives*(taken after prerequisites if applicable):


ART2170 North American Indian Art (AIS 2170)

ART 3700 Ancient Greek Art

ART 3710 Ancient Roman Art

ART 3730 Italian Renaissance Art

ART 3750 Art of the United States

ART 4320 20th-Century Art

ART 4330 Contemporary Art

ARTS 3xxx Special Topics

PHI 4230. Philosophy of Art and Beauty

ART 4990. Independent Study in Art



Total: 18

*ART 2050 does not fulfill this requirement