Bachelor of Arts in Art: Studio Track

Welcome to The University of North Carolina Pembroke Art Studio Track which provides opportunities for broad artistic and intellectual development of the University body, and nurtures and supports the quality education of those who have chosen fine arts as a professional goal.

The Bachelor of Arts in Art, Studio Track, is designed for students seeking a liberal arts degree encompassing a variety of studio experiences. To develop a well-rounded understanding of artistic media, students are required to complete introductory classes in a variety of areas, including Ceramics, Digital, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking and Sculpture, as well as foundation courses.  Students must complete a foundation portfolio review designed to demonstrate competencies in foundations; therefore, all foundation courses should be completed by December of the sophomore year. Beyond the introductory level, students take one course at the intermediate level and select a primary area of their choice which includes taking three advanced level studio courses. To gain a greater understanding of how their artistic production relates to that of others and the past, students also study art history. Before graduating, seniors are required to present an acceptable exhibition of their work representing their primary area. This pre-professional experience provides the opportunity for students to learn experientially about curation, installation, and deinstallation. Art majors are also required to take Professional Art Practices during their junior or senior year, a course which encourages students to engage in the extended art world through professional development.