Art Entrepreneurship Certificate Program


Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Whatever your field, UNCP’s Certificate in Entrepreneurship will give you the leadership and management skills to succeed in an innovative workplace from a start-up venture to a large corporation.

Entrepreneurship Classes leading to a Certificate in Entrepreneurship will be offered to all UNCP students in good academic standing. 

The Certificate Program will consist of three entrepreneurship courses and two courses from the major field of study. The Certificate will be awarded in conjunction with graduation.

Required ENTR Courses: ENTR 2000, 2100, 4000

Other Required Courses: Two 3000- or higher-level courses in the student's major field, with departmental approval

  • Art courses required for Certificate in Entrepreneurship

    • ART 3800: Media Integration (BRD 3800, MUS 3800)
    • ART 4031: Professional Art Practices
    • ART 4150: Advanced Sculpture III
    • ART 4350: Advanced Painting III
    • ART 4410: Advanced Ceramics III
    • ART 4630: Advanced Digital Arts III
    • ART 4700: Advanced Drawing III
    • ART 4820: Advanced Printmaking III

If you are interested in signing up for this program, contact:
Dr. Michael Menefee, Thomas Family Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Thomas Family Center of Entrepreneurship.
Call at  910-755-4210, or email: