All Over the Place

UNCP B.A. Senior Capstone Exhibition

On View: November 16-23, 2021

Reception:  Thursday, November 18, 2021 6-7 p.m.

Featuring work by:

Brittany Miller, Jimmy Jenkins, and Nickalos Golden


The A.D. Gallery is proud to invite you to our latest exhibition, "All Over the Place." This show consists of works belonging to three graduating B.A. students who have rather vivid perspectives of the world itself.

Jimmy Jenkins' work consists of characters of his own series that embody how he perceives everything based on his Autism Spectrum.  He states, “I create my Art the way it is, because I want to share the world how I got where I am today, as well as how I will leave a mark in the future. This is also to shed some light on the perspectives of those who are on the high end of the autism spectrum like myself, along with those who have Aspergers.”

Brittany Miller's work consists of anthropomorphic depictions of mental and physical health struggles she has been facing since the start of the pandemic.  “Much of my work is an expression of self and a way for me to cope with the world around me. Art has always been an outlet for me to take my emotions and make something beautiful with them, even the ones most like to hide away.”