UNCP Spring 2024 B.A. Senior Capstone Exhibition #1 – Realms of Color

Realms of Color Exhibition Image

On View through April 6, 2024

Reception: Friday, April 5, 2024 from 5-7 p.m.

Exhibiting Artists: Shannon Casey, Brittany Edwards, Abigail Parnell, and Jessica Plessinger


It is well-known that color can influence someone’s mood, behavior, or perspective on something. This exhibition, Realms of Color, is a collection of the artist's personal understanding of color and how it can emphasize their work. Abigail Parnell, Brittany Edwards, Jessica Plessinger, and Shannon Casey all take varying approaches. Abigail hopes to have the viewer understand the science behind color psychology and the power it can hold within elements of design. Brittany explores how color and style can alter the narrative of images often interpreted as tragic or scary. Jessica utilizes color to further portray the emotional meaning behind her figurative and abstract paintings. Shannon urges the viewer to contemplate unity despite ongoing discrimination as she depicts the same subject in several assorted colors. These artists hope the audience can explore how color can alter perspective and what each interpretation might mean to them.