You got a violation? All you need to know.

You will receive a pre-hearing packet of information through Bravemail from the Office of Student Conduct that informs you of your alleged violation(s), provides case documents, and includes a link to the required online pre-hearing form that you must complete within 48 hours.

What to expect from a pre-hearing information packet:

  • A review of conduct process and your rights and responsibilities
  • Information regarding the alleged violation(s)
  • Required online pre-hearing form (link included in letter)
  • Hearing selection type as part of the required online pre-hearing form-unless your case has been assigned to a Conduct Hearing Board by the director of Student Conduct-per regulation.

What to expect from a hearing:

  • You will be asked to discuss what happened.
  • You will share any information you have about the case (such as images, video, etc.)
  • Witnesses are able to speak during the hearing (if applicable).
  • If found responsible for a violation, the hearing officer will explain the assigned sanctions.  

After a hearing:

  • You will receive an outcome letter that explains the results of the hearing in detail (instructions, deadlines, and needed contact information) via your Bravemail.
  • You can appeal the outcome. In fact there are two levels of appeal.
  • There is an online form that is included in the outcome letter via your Bravemail. You have 48 hours to complete and submit the online request for appellate consideration form.

Contact Student Conduct with any further questions.