Code of Conduct

The director of Student Conduct receives information that a student has allegedly violated university policies or local, state or federal law, investigates the alleged violation and either dismisses the allegation or the student is sent a pre-hearing packet of information to complete, providing the student their choice of hearing- administrative or Conduct Hearing Board (CHB). The director of Student Conduct, per regulation, may decide not to hear a case administratively; therefore, that case would be heard by the Conduct Hearing Board. 

The student going through the process receives written notice of the charge(s), an outline of their rights and the opportunity to review all available information, documents, exhibits and a list of witnesses that may testify against them.

In accordance with North Carolina General Statute §116-40.11[1], students and student organizations at UNC Pembroke who have been accused of a violation of disciplinary or conduct rules may be represented by a licensed attorney or a non-attorney advocate during any disciplinary procedure except in allegation(s) of an Academic Honor Code violation. The Office of Student Conduct must be notified in writing a minimum seventy-two (72) hours in advance of an attorney or advocate’s planned participation.

Once the case is heard, either administratively or by CHB, a determination of responsible or not responsible is made. If a student is found responsible, appropriate sanctions will be determined. If a student is found not responsible, there is no need for sanctions.

A student choosing a hearing before an administrative hearing officer or the CHB has a right to two level of appeal. Please refer to the Student Handbook for more detailed information on the Code of Conduct Process.

Student Organizations and Student Conduct

As with an individual student’s alleged conduct violations, incidents involving student organizations are investigated, dismissed when unfounded or adjudicated as needed through the student conduct process. All correspondence for conduct cases involving student organizations will be directed through the president, on-campus advisor and the appropriate supervising department. Specific details about the disciplinary process for student organizations can be found in the Student Handbook.

When a student organization is found responsible for a policy violation(s) there are specific disciplinary sanctions that have been developed for these instances. More information on these sanctions appear in the Student Handbook.