Academic Honor Code

Academic honor and integrity are essential to the existence of a university community. If high standards of honesty are not maintained by everyone, the entire community and society itself suffer. As responsible citizens of the UNCP community, students (undergraduate and graduate) are obligated to uphold basic standards of honesty and to actively encourage others to respect and maintain those standards. Allowing academic dishonesty is just as dishonest as committing a dishonest act oneself. 

The general categories of acts that violate the Academic Honor Code are: cheating, plagiarism, fabrication and falsification, abuse of academic materials and complicity.  

If the faculty member responsible for a course obtains evidence, either directly or through information supplied by others, that a student may have violated the Academic Honor Code, the faculty member contacts the director of Student Conduct to see if the student has a previous Academic Honor Code violation. If it is the second such violation for a student, then the faculty member must take the case to the Conduct Hearing Board via the director of Student Conduct. However, if it is a student’s first violation, the charge may be settled between the faculty member and the student with the settlement form signed and filed with the Office of Student Conduct (Student Handbook, page 56). 

Academic Honor Code Violation - Instructions for UNC Pembroke Faculty and Staff

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