Basic Information on Boards

The Conduct Hearing Board (CHB) is comprised of faculty, staff and students that have been recommended and appointed by the chancellor.  

In cases involving the Academic Honor Code, the CHB will decide if a student as responsible or not responsible of the charges contained in the form submitted by the faculty. The faculty member and student provide information to the CHB to support their position. CHB members may ask questions and ask for additional materials from the faculty member and student to come to a conclusion about the validity of the charges. This is done in closed session. 

If the student is found not responsible, the CHB prepares a written report of the case and sends it to the director of Student Conduct, who will maintain a confidential file of materials related to the case. No part of the file becomes part of the student’s disciplinary record. The case is closed and no penalty may be imposed. 

If the student is found responsible, the CHB will determine the penalty, and prepare a written report to the student and the director of Student Conduct. 

Please refer to pages 57- 58 of the Student Handbook for specific details about the CHB process with Academic Honor Code violations. 

The CHB shall become involved in a case involving the Code of Conduct violations when a student requests a hearing before the CHB or when a case is referred by the director of Student Conduct or their designee. The CHB is a board of the chancellor composed of faculty, staff and student members. The director of Student Conduct or their designee serves as the advisor to the CHB. 

CHB conduct hearings are closed to the public. The university’s case is presented, the student presents their defense and the CHB deliberates and decides responsible or not-responsible. If the CHB finds the charged student responsible, the university suggests an appropriate penalty, the CHB deliberates and determines an appropriate penalty and renders a written decision that states the penalty, if any, and the procedures for an appeal. 

Please refer to pages 61-67 of the Student Handbook for specific details about the CHB process with Code of Conduct violations.