Resources for Faculty and Staff

If you have a student that...

> Is experiencing an emergency, call 911 or the UNCP Police and Public Safety at 910.521.6235
> Is in distress (tearful, disruptive, not engaging), please submit a CARE report
> Needs immediate food and access to basic resources, refer them to the CARE Resource Center or call the center at 910.775.4367
> UNCP Braves CARE Folder is a guide to help faculty and staff assist students of concern and refer them to appropriate emergency and non-emergency 

   resources and support services.

What You Can Do

As an educator at UNC Pembroke, you can improve the success and well-being of your students by helping to ensure their access to essential resources and support services.

  • You can provide guidance and aid students in identifying resources and support services.
  • You can reduce stigma that may prevent students from accessing resources and support services.
  • You can promote open and honest conversations.

Proactive ideas for helping students: 

  • Include information on your syllabi (Please see below examples of sample text).
  • Include the FAQ sheet about various campus support services and resources for students to your Canvas course site (Please see below for more information).
  • Make an announcement on the first day about available resources and remind students regularly throughout the semester about available support.
  • Consider making a student-instructor meeting a course requirement.

Let Students Know About Resources Using Canvas

Sample Basic Needs Insecurity Syllabus Text 

Version 1

If you are skipping or stretching meals, concerned about spending money on food and/or having difficulties accessing food, or if you are having difficulty accessing or affording personal care items or clothing, visit the CARE Resource Center located in the Ebert Building at 902 Dogwood Road.

In addition, if you are facing challenges accessing or affording stable housing, prescribed medication, transportation, academic materials, technology needed for coursework, or other resource concerns impacting your wellness and ability to continue your education at UNC Pembroke, please fill out the UNCP Basic Needs Assistance Form a case manager from the CARE Resource Center will contact you about your situation.

Version 2

If you are having difficulty affording groceries or accessing sufficient food to eat everyday, or if you are having difficulty accessing or affording personal care items or clothing and believe this may affect your academic performance and well-being, visit the CARE Resource Center located in Ebert Building at 902 Dogwood Road.

Additional text you may include

  • Many students face these challenges during college, and it is healthy to seek support. 
  • If you are comfortable, please talk to me about your experience.