Consultation Services
CARE Consultation Services

The CARE Team is available to consult with faculty, staff, family members and others about issues affecting student well-being and development. CARE case managers can help assess a difficult situation, suggest resources, and offer advice about appropriate interventions or referrals. Consultation helps determine strategies to best support UNC Pembroke students who may be experiencing distress or challenges. To request a consultation, please contact a CARE case manager.

Consultation Services
Building a Community of Support

The CARE Team engages proactive, collaborative approaches to identify, assess, and mitigate risks associated with students exhibiting concerning behaviors or facing challenges. By partnering with members of the BraveNation community, the CARE Team strives to provide consultation services that promote student well-being and campus safety.  

Concerned About a Student?

Reasons to consult with CARE include concerns about:

  • Negative changes in performance, missing class, not showing for work
  • Continual seeking of attention or special accommodation
  • Essays or creative output that indicate extremes of helplessness, social isolation, rage, despair, etc.
  • Unprovoked anger or hostility
  • Tearfulness
  • Unusually withdrawn behavior
  • Statements indicating distress, family problems, or other difficulties
  • Drug or alcohol concerns
  • Suicidal or violent threats or behavior
  • Deterioration in personal hygiene
  • Confused, incoherent, or bizarre behavior or speech

Submit a CARE Referral

Faculty and Staff: What Can You Do?
  • You can offer to talk privately with the student, express your concern about what you are observing, and ask how they are doing.
  • You can listen actively and supportively, taking the student’s concern seriously.
  • You do not need to take on the role of counselor, but you can be supportive and offer to help them find the help they need.
  • You can refer the student directly to our Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) center or the CARE Team. Depending on your level of concern, you might offer to help them contact CAPS or CARE or walk them to either location.  
  • Avoid making promises of keeping secrets or confidentiality, particularly if there is a safety risk.
  • In circumstances where a student is threatening, disruptive, or violent you may need to contact UNC Pembroke Police and Public Safety 910.521.6325