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Minor in Business Administration

The minor in business administration provides a general overview of the business environment to students in majors outside of business. Students who want to gain a core understanding of business without making it the center of their education should pursue this minor. Students who fulfill the requirements for the minor in business administration will gain an understanding of functional areas of business administration and the basic concepts of a solid business education--the fundamentals of economics, management, and marketing, and core concepts of financial accounting.

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Minor in Economics

A minor in economics is offered to students earning degrees outside the Thomas School of Business. The program provides instruction on economic institutions and a rigorous foundation in the analytical tools and applied areas of economics, relying on mathematical and statistical techniques. Students learn how the price system operates; how consumers, firms, and government institutions allocate scarce resources; and the determinants of national output, inflation, unemployment, economic growth, and international trade. Laws, regulations, and institutions that influence economic activity are also studied. 

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Minor in Entrepreneurship

The minor in entrepreneurship is designed for non-business majors who have the creativity and vision to see tomorrow's needs today. Students in entrepreneurship will hone their creativity and gain the skills and abilities necessary to successfully launch new initiatives. The course of study focuses on the financial and operational needs of start-ups and new ventures, including business plan development, initial product marketing, management decisions and operations, strategy, and capital management and financing.

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Minor in Finance and in Quantitative Finance

A minor in finance is offered to students earning degrees outside the Thomas School of Business. The minor introduces the student to the principles of finance, applies these principles to analyzing several financial issues, and develops problem-solving and quantitative skills that are widely used in business. Students learn how to apply key financial concepts to real-life situations. Students also gain insight into financial markets and their wide-ranging impacts.

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Minor in Management

The minor in management offers non-business majors the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of management practices. It provides an overall understanding of the field of business administration through the Introduction to Business course. Managing complex organizations, leadership practices and issues in human resource management will also be introduced. Finally, principles of international management in the current global environment will be discussed. The minor in management is attractive to students in all majors who plan to enter the field of management in their respective areas of interest.

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Minor in Marketing

The minor in marketing provides non-business majors with a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts of marketing and how to apply these concepts through case studies and company and non-profit organization projects. Students also gain an understanding of consumer behavior, along with the knowledge and tools needed to coordinate marketing elements into integrated campaigns.

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