#BraveNation Powwow and Gathering

#BraveNation Powwow and Gathering

The third annual #BraveNation Powwow and Gathering (BNPG) will be held Saturday, March 23, 2019, in the gym of the English E. Jones Athletic Center at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

Grand entry is at 12 p.m. Doors open to the public at 10 a.m.

Everyone is invited to join the #BraveNation as we celebrate the rich history and culture of America’s Indigenous peoples. The powwow and gathering features competition dancing, vendors, an alumni gathering, and recruitment activities for American Indian high school students. This is an alcohol and drug-free event.

Schedule of Events

  • 10 a.m.: Doors open to the public
  • 12 p.m.: Grand Entry
  • 7 p.m.: Contest Finals/Inter-tribal/Results/Closing Ceremonies


  • Adults: $5
  • Elders (60+): $3
  • UNCP Students (with UNCP ID): Free
  • Children (6 and under): Free
  • Dancer Registration: each dancer will pay the general admission fee of $5 and be allowed entry into one competition.
  • Drum Registration: each member of the drum will pay the general admission fee of $5.
  • Bag chairs are not allowed in the main gym.

Commemorative T-shirt

The commemorative powwow t-shirt is on sale for $15 (adult) and $10 (youth). The shirt features an ivory-billed woodpecker motif that is between 500 and 800 years old.

The back of the shirt reads: Iconography played a significant role in the society of Mississippian peoples (found throughout the Southeastern United States) who were known as mound builders. The ivory-billed woodpecker motif was first used 500 to 800 years ago. The motif reflects the relationship of humans to the animal and spirit world. Considered a powerful animal, like the falcon, turkey, and rattlesnake, the woodpecker represents cosmological powers from the upper and lower worlds. These qualities were esteemed and sought by priests and warriors. Source: Choctaw Language and Culture (Haag & Willis, 2001)

    Front and back of powwow t-shirt


    • Drum Contest: 1st: $500, 2nd: $350, and 3rd: $200
    • Adult (18+): 1st: $150, 2nd: $100, and 3rd: $75
      • Men’s Traditional (Northern)  |  Women’s Traditional (Northern)
      • Men’s Traditional (Southern)  |  Women’s Traditional (Southern)
      • Men’s Fancy  |  Women’s Fancy
      • Men’s Grass  |  Women’s Jingle
    • Teen (13-17): 1st: $100, 2nd: $75, and 3rd: $50
      • Men’s Traditional (Northern) |  Women’s Traditional (Northern)
      • Men’s Traditional (Southern) |  Women’s Traditional (Southern)
      • Men’s Fancy  |  Women’s Fancy
      • Men’s Grass  |  Women’s Jingle
    • Junior (6-12): 1st: $75, 2nd: $50, and 3rd: $25
      • Boy’s Traditional  |  Girl’s Traditional
      • Boy’s Fancy  |  Girl’s Fancy
      • Boy’s Grass  |  Girl’s Jingle
    • Tiny Tot (5 and under): $5 each
    • Side Step Special in honor of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women: 1st: $125
    • Hok Nosai Brother and Sister Two Step Special

    Vendor Registration

    Vendor registration is $50 (arts and crafts), $100 (food), and no cost (informational). Please complete and return the form, along with a check or money order to the Southeast American Indian Studies Program. Application is due March 15, 2019. Vendor Registration Form is linked below.


    • Office of Campus Engagement and Leadership
    • Center for Student Success
    • Office for Community and Civic Engagement
    • Corbin Eddings, State Farm Insurance
    • Hunt & Brooks Attorneys & Counselors at Law, PLLC
    • Dr. Cheryl Locklear
    • Lawrence T. `05,`12 and Natasha Locklear
    • HealthKeeperz
    • Pepsi
    • Office of Student Affairs
    • Social Belonging for Student Success Project
    • Southeast American Indian Studies Program

    Head Staff

    • MC: Amelia Kay Richardson Oxendine
    • Arena Director: Terry White
    • Host Drum: WarPaint
    • Head Dancers: Male – Ethan Oxendine and Female – Sarah Freeman
    • Head Judges:
      • Drum - Chris Conner `05, `07
      • Dance - Christopher Richardson `03
      • Tabulator -  Becky Goins `96, `14

    Powwow Etiquette

    • Powwow Pointers (linked below) is courtesy of the NC School of Science and Math. It discusses what is a powwow, the different styles of dances, and the role of a drum group and drummers.
    • Learn more about powwow etiquette (opens in a new window).

    Visiting Campus

    • Directions to Campus

      • If using Google Maps, enter the address "300 University Road, Pembroke, NC 28372" to get directions to the Jones Center.
    • Map of Campus (Jones Center is #176)
    • Parking
      • Free parking is available in the parking lot west of the Jones Center (between the Jones Center and Johnson Football Stadium).

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