Indigenous Power Hour Series

The Indigenous Power Hour workshops are one-hour sessions that provide a space for students to discuss a variety of topics related to college life, culture, health, and more. Myia Reyes, Program Coordinator for the AIHC, will facilitate the workshops. If you have questions, please contact Myia at

New Year, Same Sh... Aiming for Better Mental Health in 2022

Let's talk and learn more strategies on coping and healing. Participants will receive $10 in Brave Bucks for participating in the entire session.

Virtual via Webex: 


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Financially Surviving and Thriving in College

Learn what you need to know about completing your FAFSA, budgeting, and advice on spending your refund. Register on BraveConnect. 

Feb. 16 (12:30-1:30pm)

Webex link: 

Feb. 17 (3-4pm)

University Center, Room 213