Travel Request/Authorization Instructions

Controller's Office Policy CO 02 92

Purpose: This form is used to request authorization of most official University travel, including travel advances, and prepayments when appropriate (see Travel Advance Policy CO 01 92). This form is not required for reimbursement of one-day, in-State trips where no excess is requested.

Forms: The Travel Request/Authorization form is available here to the campus community in an Excel file. 

Completed Forms: The completed form should be retained by the appropriate Department Head after approval unless an airline ticket is involved. The Department Head shall obtain the Chancellor's signature on all out-of-country travel. If a prepayment, including airfare, or advance is being requested, the Travel Request form must be forwarded to campus travel office (x.4218) at the same time the reservation is made to properly process payment.

If a travel advance is requested, the campus travel office (x.4218) must receive the Travel Request/Authorization form at least ten (10) work days prior to the date the travel advance check is required. The department must hold a copy of the Travel Request for attachment to the traveler's Reimbursement form.

Student Academic Travel Reimbursement information can be found on the Academic Affairs website at

Instructions: Follow the numbered items for completing the Travel Request/Authorization form.

l. Name of traveler.

2. Department generating the request.

3. 6-Digit Acct #. List the departmental account or accounts to be charged with the travel expense. If travel is to be paid by multiple accounts, the approved Travel Request is held by the supervising department after all account approval signatures have been obtained until which time it is attached to the traveler's Reimbursement form. The approval for reimbursement requires only the supervising department head signature.


1.   Traveler is a Biology professor who is not the Chairman.The professor will be traveling from the funds of the (a) Teaching and Learning Center, (b) Faculty Development Grant, and (c) the Biology Department - all three (3) 6-digit accounts will be listed on the Travel Request and all three (3) approving signatures will be on the Travel Request. The Department Chair (in this case the Biology  Dept. Head) holds the Travel Request after receiving all approval signatures. The Travel Reimbursement form requires only the Biology Department Head's signature and the attached approved Travel Request and any necessary receipts.

2.    Traveler is the Department Chair of the Biology Department. The Department Chair will be traveling out of  Biology funds and Teaching and Learning Center funds. Both 6-digit accounts and both approving signatures will be listed on the Travel Request. The Chair must sign the Travel Request/Authorization form as traveler, get the signature approval for the Teaching and Learning Center funds, and forward the Travel Request/Authorization form to his/her supervisor - the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs - whose office will hold the Travel Request for later attachment to the Travel Reimbursement form and forwarding to the campus travel office (x.4218) for reimbursement.

5. Date the request is typed.

6. Destination of trip. If guest of University (prospective employee, etc.) is coming to campus, indicate where traveler is coming from.

7. Date and anticipated time of departure.

8. Specific reason for trip.

9. Date and anticipated time of return.

10. Check appropriate box(s) to indicate mode of travel. If \"Other\" is checked, specify travel mode.

11. If traveling by car or van, indicate the name of the driver.

12. If traveling by car or van, provide names of all passengers.

13. This section is included for calculating trip costs. All known or anticipated allowable travel costs associated with this trip should be included in this column, including costs of registration fees, airplane tickets, rental cars, taxis, private cars, airport parking, or other trip costs.

      13a. Do not write in this space; it is reserved for travel office (x.4218) use.

14. Indicate the number of days and estimated cost per day for hotel/motel, if applicable. Lodging costs greater than the rates indicated in CO 02 92A constitute excess lodging and must be indicated by checking the appropriate Special Travel Designation in item 20.

15. Indicate the number of days and allowable cost per day for meals, if applicable. (See CO 02 92A.)

16. If by car, indicate anticipated mileage and the rate per mile. (See CO 02 92A.) If by air, indicate if ticket is billed to UNCP. If rental vehicle is required, attach explanation for need of rental to the Travel Request. (See Policy C0 05 94A) NOTE: State cars are processed via a Vehicle Request sent directly to the University Motor Pool.

17. Itemize miscellaneous allowable travel costs. For each item, enter a description and amount.

18. If prepayment of registration fee (must be $75 or more before the University will prepay) is requested, type \"prepayment requested\" by Registration Fee and attach completed copy of registration documentation to Travel Request/Authorization form with payee and mailing address highlighted.

19. Total anticipated expense (steps 14 - 18) and enter total cost.

20. Special Travel Designations. Check all boxes applicable to this travel. The Department Head may require additional justification or documentation prior to authorization of travel. Chancellor's signature is needed only if it is out-of-country travel and/or he is the traveler's supervisor.

21. Signature of traveler.

22. Signature of Department Head or Department Heads approving travel if multiple travel accounts are involved.

23. Amount of funds limited by the Department Head or Department Heads for this trip. NOTE: use only if department is limiting funds available for the trip.

24. Chancellor (if Chancellor is traveler's supervisor and/or the travel is our of country).

25. Advance. Indicate if an advance is required. The traveler must attach a written statement giving explanation for the request. See the Travel Advance Policy Statement (CO 01 92) for a list of situations where a travel advance may be issued. NOTE: The advance is limited to 90% of the total out-of-pocket estimated costs.

26. If a travel advance is requested in item 25, the traveler must sign on line 26. By signing here the traveler is agreeing to the conditions preceding the signature.