Agency Checking Accounts - Organizations/Clubs

Controller's Office Policy CO 04 94

Purpose: The Application for Non-Interest-Bearing Agency Checking Account is used when an organization or club at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke wishes to deposit to and have checks written from an agency account bearing its name.

Where to Obtain Applications: Controller's Office.

Scope: Applies to all organizations or clubs associated with The University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

Policy:  The organization/club must be associated with UNCP and have a UNCP faculty/staff advisor willing to be responsible for all financial activity of the group. The advisor's responsibility includes being liable for any shortages as a result of inadequate funds in the account.

UNCP Purchasing, Central Stores, and Print Shop services may be used by following the same guidelines as UNCP departments.

Receipts will be deposited to the organization/club's agency checking fund (940xxx)-17960 unless the Controller's Office receives a request for special numbers to assist in the organization's accounting. These requests will be honored if possible.

UNCP receipt books will not be issued. The organization/club and its advisor are responsible for informing any donors that contributions are not tax deductible.

Checks for deposit may be made out to "organization/club/UNCP" and deposited at the UNCP Cashier's Office. No tax identification number may be given to a donor.

Request for Payment forms my be used for all expense reimbursements or funds when approved by the UNCP faculty/staff advisor and may be submitted to Accounts Payable. Payee name and social security number should be included. No reimbursements for alcoholic beverages will be made.

Allow two weeks for the Controller's Office to process a check request.

An Application for Non-Interest-Bearing Agency Checking Account form must be completed in its entirety, be approved by the Senior Director of the University Center and Programs, and be submitted to the Controller's Office for processing.