Ticket Policy

Controller's Office Policy CO 08 01

Purpose: To explain the University's policy and procedures for issuing tickets

Scope: Applies to all University departments and organizations

Policy: Tickets issued for University and Foundation events are conducted through and with the endorsement of the Cashier's Office.

Tickets used for University and Foundation events shall be prenumbered by the printer for internal control. You may special order tickets from the Givens Performing Arts Center (GPAC), the Print Shop, or an outside vendor through the Purchasing Office for delivery to the Cashier's Office. Cashiers will identify the department owning the tickets received prior to placing them in the vault for disbursement to event organizers. Cashiers will record beginning and ending numbers at issuance and deposits will be verified to account for all ticket sales. GPAC and the Print Shop may provide tickets directly to departments and shall send a copy of the invoice billing the department to the Cashier's Office detailing the number of tickets printed and the beginning and ending numbers for each type/price grouping. This invoice will be considered as certification of the number of tickets printed. The cost of tickets will be charged to the account that will be receiving the proceeds from the event except Foundation fundraisers in which case Foundation pays for the tickets.

At the conclusion of each event, the cash deposit report should have a reconciliation of receipts for all ticket sales based on set ticket prices. Remaining tickets shall be submitted to the Cashier. Tickets remaining unsold may be used for a later event if appropriate. Ticket revenue shall be deposited in total and may not be used to purchase items or pay any expenses. All purchases and expenses are paid through normal purchasing procedures.

For fundraisers, a revenue and expense report must be filed with, and approved by, the UNCP Foundation. Ticket cost and other fund raising costs shall be charged to the Foundation. The approved report will be sent to the Controller for transfer of proceeds to the benefiting account. Expenditures supported by proceeds (not event expenses) will be expended under the benefiting account.