Rental of Vehicles when on State Business

Controller's Office Policy CO 05 94 a

Rental Vehicles are to be used in accordance with the State's contract. Renting of vehicles must be approved prior to travel via the Travel Request/Authorization process. A receipt is necessary for reimbursement.


Visitors to campus; i.e., prospective faculty, etc., may be approved for reimbursement of a rental vehicle under the following circumstances with the approval level being the Department Head over the budget:

  • a maximum of 3 days or less ( 5 days if one is a Saturday and accompanied with a reduced air fare for a Saturday night stay) or the weekly rate if it is less than the 3-day charge (5-day charge).
  • must be a flat rate with unlimited mileage.
  • visitor must use his personal insurance (UNCP will not pay vehicle insurance).
  • must rent a compact vehicle (mid-size if a compact vehicle is not available).


The North Carolina Department of Administration, Division of Purchase and Contract, has entered into a contract with car rental companies at Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

The Division of Purchase and Contract requests that all travelers be made aware that personal use of this contract or by a combination of business and personal rental has the potential to cause serious insurance and liability problems.

If a rental car is necessary for business travel, State Budget, Planning and Management Travel Regulations require that Enterprise Rent-A-Car be used and that where possible the employee should utilize a compact or smaller car.

The rental firm's liability insurance is primary. The State of North Carolina is a self-insurer; therefore, the rental firm should not charge any fees or surcharges; such as, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Loss Damage Waiver (LDW), Personal Accident Insurance (PAI), Avis Liability Insurance (ALI), etc. Do not accept any insurance offered by the rental company when on State business.

You cannot be reimbursed for such fees or surcharges should you accept them.

The employee will pay for the rental and be reimbursed, if appropriate, with other travel expenses once the approved travel has taken place. Follow all State of North Carolina guidelines when on State business. If the traveler accepts the rental company's insurance, the State could say the traveler went outside the State's contract making the traveler liable for any damage caused by an accident.

At the time reservation is made, identify yourself as an employee of the State of North Carolina and give the Reservation Clerk the State's Corporate Discount Number. Keep in mind that reservation clerks are not familiar with the State of North Carolina's contract. It is not the clerk's responsibility to see that the traveler follows North Carolina State guidelines; it is the traveler's responsibility.