Hot Work

Hot Work warning sign

The purpose for the hot work safety program is to ensure that spark and flame producing work activities do not present an undue fire hazard to the university community. 

Hot work includes any operation that produces flames, sparks or heat.  Examples of hot work include but are not limited to cutting, welding, thermite welding, brazing, soldering, grinding, thermal spraying, thawing pipe, installation of torch-applied roof systems or any other similar activity that has open flames or spark producing work.

If you have questions about hot work, need additional assistance or need a Hot Work Permit, contact Michael Bullard at 910.521.6792 or Charles Chavis at 910.775.4772. 

All Hot Work Permit Requests and notifications must be submitted 24-hours before the start of Hot Work activities, except for emergencies. 

Please review the Dangers of Hot Work video