EHS Mission

EHS Safety

Department Vision 

Empowering the Campus community (Faculty, Staff, Students, Contractors, and Guests) through Campus-wide Safety programs and initiatives to promote situational awareness of hazards and thereby minimize and prevent injuries or incidents on Campus as well as in their home.

Department Mission 

The EH&S Office is dedicated to reducing injuries and incidents, reducing the Environmental impact of the Campus, and achieving regulatory compliance for all Campus departments.  We strive to achieve this by providing high-quality and informative training, comprehensive workplace evaluations, emergency response, guidance on proper hazardous materials and hazardous waste management and by promulgating regulatory guidance across Campus.

Annual EH&S Office Report to the Chancellor

Per UNC System Policy, the EH&S Office for each university must make an annual report to the Chancellor concerning the operations conducted by the EH&S Office on behalf of the University.  The Policy was made effective in the Fall of 2019.