Chair of Staff Senate

Timothy Sampson

An Invitation from the Staff Senate Chair,
Timothy Sampson 

Hello BraveNation,

I am delighted to serve as your new Staff Senate Chair. As chair, I want to make sure all staff voices are heard across each division and make sure solutions are discussed. We also want to make sure that the wellbeing of staff is also considered.  As a result, we have introduced a “Health and Wellness Committee” that is currently working on upcoming events to enhance staff health.  Your staff senate currently has 17 members that represent 552 staff members across campus. We are currently working on several projects to include online suggestion/issues form, that staff can fill out anonymously so staff senate can review and make appropriate actions. We are also planning to have quarterly meetings with staff to discuss changes/suggestions that would improve your daily experiences. On behalf of the entire staff senate, I want to say that we look forward to working with all of our staff members this year and years to come.

Any issues/concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any member of staff council.