Admission Requirements

Beginning in January, 2010, the MPA program moved to a “pool” admissions process. The program will now evaluate the pool of applications rather than in a serial or “rolling” fashion. This change offers advantages for applicants through creating a stronger group connection that should continue throughout the program (and form the basis for stronger professional networks beyond graduate school). It enhances the ability of the program to coordinate course offerings and better serve students’ scheduling requirements. One obvious result of this change will be a longer “lag” time between submitting a completed application and admissions decisions, but it also allows us to initiate communication with prospective students and use that time to establish a foundation for career advising.

Additionally, we are creating a cohort structure within our admissions process. Your cohort will determine the course delivery method for your core courses; therefore, you should consider carefully to which cohort you wish to apply.

The application process appears in detail below, but the overview is simple:

  • As you are deciding whether to apply to our program, whether an MPA is the right degree for you, and how our program fits with your interests and situation, contact us via e-mail, telephone, or visit us.
  • When you decide to apply, you begin a process that operates through the UNCP Office of Graduate Studies. ALL questions about assembling the application, determining the status of the items required in the application file, and related questions should be directed to the Office of Graduate Studies. We DO NOT have access to incomplete files, and have the same information available to you about the status of items within your file. Thus, if you are concerned about the arrival of a transcript or letter of recommendation, you need to talk with the Office of Graduate Studies.
  • Once your application file is complete, it is forwarded to the MPA Program Office. We will inform you when that occurs, and collect additional information from you at that time. Your file will be reviewed by the MPA Graduate Admissions and Advising Committee. During this time, we will ask for additional information and inform you where we are in our process, but we will not be able to inform you about our recommendation until we complete the review process.
  • Upon completion of our reviews, we will notify the Office of Graduate Studies regarding our recommendation, you will recieve an official letter from the Dean of Graduate Studies informing you of the decision regarding your admission. Students admitted to the program (or wait listed) will begin receiving regular communication from us as we start advising you about your course choices and steps to begin your way through the program.

Please note: ALL inquiries about the program should be directed to the Department; once you begin submitting application material, we have NO role until the required application material is complete, so any questions about your actual application should go to Graduate Studies or, even easier, check for yourself at

To Apply:

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