Admission Requirements

Our admissions process considers the whole applicant.  As a program serving public servants and professionals today, we understand that past performance at one point in life may not reflect your abilities today.  As a result, we look at the total applicant in order to determine your likelihood of being successful in our program.  Excellence in one area of the application may help to counterbalance weaknesses in other areas.  Generally we require the following criteria for successful admission to our program:

  • If 3.0 GPA from undergraduate work, no GRE is required.
  • Applicants with less than a 3.0 GPA can gain admission with a GRE score of the 30th percentile or higher on all three criteria.
  • A statement of purpose that demonstrates strong writing skills and a clear professional direction that the MPA degree will benefit.
  • Three letters of recommendation that honestly assess the applicants skills as well as clearly address weaknesses and the ability to persevere.

For full admissions requirements, please refer to the Graduate Schools webpage.

The application process appears in detail below, but the overview is simple:

  • As you are deciding whether to apply to our program, whether an MPA is the right degree for you, and how our program fits with your interests and situation, contact us via e-mail, telephone, or visit us.
  • When you decide to apply, you begin a process that operates through the UNCP Graduate School. ALL questions about assembling the application, determining the status of the items required in the application file, and related questions should be directed to the Graduate School.  If you are concerned about the arrival of a transcript or letter of recommendation, you need to talk with the Graduate School.
  • Once your application file is complete, it is forwarded to the MPA Program Office.  Your file will be reviewed by the MPA Graduate Admissions and Advising Committee. 
  • Upon completion of our reviews, we will notify the Graduate School regarding our recommendation.  You will receive an official letter from the Dean of the Graduate School informing you of the decision regarding your admission. Students admitted to the program (or wait listed) will begin receiving regular communication from us as we start advising you about your course choices and steps to begin your way through the program.

Please note: ALL inquiries about the program should be directed to the Department; once you begin submitting application material, we have NO role until the required application material is complete, you can check the status of your application in the application portal at

To Apply:

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