MPA Program -Online and Hybrid Options

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MPA Program

The MPA program trains students for leadership positions within public and non-profit sector organizations and bureaucracies. Students interested in private sector employment in industries with strong governmental interactions and regulation will also benefit from seeking an MPA degree.

We believe in “aggressive” career development, preparing you to move beyond existing career directions, to move across positions and organizations as opportunities arise, and help you use each successive experience beneficially in your next position. Our concern is not with your current position, but your next position; we are not training you to “stay where you are” but to move into a higher-level position, and the position after that...

Our program does not require a particular background. Students with strong verbal, analytical, and quantitative skills will do well in our courses.  We do not require you to have an undergraduate major such as public administration, political science, economics, business administration, and other social sciences.  We recognize that many students will come to us with work experience and undergraduate degrees in other fields; our core courses will build upon prior coursework for those who had it, and “catch up” those students from other academic backgrounds.

The MPA at UNCP can be completed as a fully online program or as hybrid program.  While our program is predominately online, students may elect to take some courses on campus when available.

Application Deadlines:

The following application deadline has been established by the MPA Admissions Committee:

  • Fall deadline: one week prior to the start of the semester
  • Spring deadline: one week prior to the start of the semester
  • Summer deadline: No Admissions for Summer Sessions