STAR Program

What is the STAR Program?

STAR stands for Striving Toward Academic Recovery. Our goal is to assist students who are not in good standing with getting back on track academically in order to be successful at UNCP.


Who uses the STAR Program?

We primarily meet with students who have been academically suspended and have:

  1. Appealed the suspension and it was approved, returning the following semester
  2. Either appealed the suspension and it was not approved or chose not to appeal; sat out for the designated suspension period and have been readmitted to the university.

We also meet with students who are on academic probation who were not required to submit an academic appeal, but may have submitted a financial aid appeal. Students who are in good standing may voluntarily participate in the STAR Program.


What happens at the intake appointment?

Intake appointments are scheduled to last for one hour. During that time you will meet with one of our STAR Program Counselors, review the intake packet, and complete assessments. We will be talking about your goals for the semester and determining how our program can best meet your needs.


What are the STAR Program meetings like?

Students will have the option of participating in individual sessions or group sessions; or they may request to participate in both.

  • Individual: Students have the option to attend individual sessions in addition to or instead of participating in a group session. Students will be expected to attend a minimum of 8 individual sessions before the end of the semester
  • Groups: Students will be sorted in groups based on areas that need improvement, which will be determined during the intake process, and matching availability. Groups will meet for one hour each week (same day/time).


What types of groups are available?

Group topics will change from semester to semester based on students’ needs. In the past semesters, we have had groups with the following topics: 

  • Time Management and Organizational Skills
  • Motivation, Attitude, and Goal Setting
  • General Study Habits and Test Taking Skills
  • Personal Issues


Where will STAR Program meetings be held?

We have two suites in Wellons Hall. We also have offices in the DF Lowry Building. Most appointments are scheduled to meet in the STAR Program Lobby (Suite M, Room 4).


If you have any additional questions about the STAR Program, please contact Ian T. Stroud at 910-775-4391 or