Tutoring Program

If you are experiencing any difficulties scheduling an appointment, please email tutoring@uncp.edu

The Tutoring Program provides free tutoring services to all UNCP students who need further assistance in currently registered courses.

Led by a professional or peer tutor, each scheduled tutoring session will last approximately one hour in length. The tutor will help the student to better understand the course material by connecting ideas, forming concepts, explaining events, and asking questions that will help the student to increase their understanding of the course material.

If you need assistance, you may also come to the Center for Student Success office and register for a tutoring appointment on one of the kiosks located throughout the D.F. Lowry Building.


Appointment confirmations will be sent to your UNCP email address (Bravemail).

Please remember to check your Bravemail on a regular basis to make sure you don’t miss any important tutoring program announcements and/or emails from your tutor(s).

Regular tutoring hours: Monday-Friday (In Person or via WebEx) 9a.m.-9p.m. 

Tutor.com is a 24/7 resource for all students that can be accessed through Canvas.

If you have any questions regarding tutor.com, email tutoring@uncp.edu.

Please review the Participant Responsibilities section before attending your first tutoring session.

The Center for Student Success will make every effort to accommodate all students; however, we cannot guarantee a tutor for every subject or all scheduling needs.

For more information about the Center for Student Success at 910.521.6625.