Last Call

UNCP Art students graduating in May 2017

On View: March 29 through April 7, 2016

Reception: Saturday, April 2, 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Participating Artists: Alfredo Irra, Robin McCarty, Shaquille Ray, Estelle Rodrigue, Desiree Thomas, Kara Todd,

and Jessica Wyre

The A.D. Gallery is pleased to present Last Call, an exhibition of the work of seven UNCP Art students graduating in May. The show is representative of the artists’ best and most recent work from their college career. There is a variety of media incorporated, including drawing, digital, printmaking, painting, sculpture and ceramics.

Each student approaches their work differently through abstraction or realism, but the exhibition ultimately unites around themes of human nature, vanity and politics. Desiree Thomas’s work, for example, is based on the celebration of female sexuality and anatomy. And Shaquille Ray’s art explores universal commonalities that span different races, genders, religions, and sexual preferences.” All of these artists come together for their “last call.”