Exam Accommodations

General Information

The Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) strives to comply with the ADA and Sections 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 by offering exam accommodations for students with disabilities such as extended time, a lowered distraction environment, alternative formats, and assistive technology, depending on the limitations of the student’s disability.  These accommodations are implemented to give students with disabilities equal access to testing by accommodating for certain limitations related to the student’s disability.

ARC staff work with students with disabilities and instructors to assure federal laws are followed when accommodating students with disabilities in the testing environment. Procedures for test accommodations are provided to students determined to be eligible through the Documentation Review Committee.

Testing outside the classroom or academic department is warranted only if circumstances prevent the instructor from making localized arrangements, or if student needs assistive technology available at ARC.  When testing accommodations or alternative testing is needed, students are responsible for discussing this issue with the professor to make the appropriate arrangements to have the exam administered.  It is the responsibility of the student to schedule exams with ARC, preferably at least one week prior to the exam date.  Failure to schedule an exam at least one week in advance may result in ARC staff being unable to provide the requested time and date for the exam.  ARC will make every effort to accommodate students in a timely and reasonable manner.


Standard testing procedures are implemented when testing in the ARC:

1. Faculty and students will determine location of testing during the accommodations meeting while reviewing and signing the instructor-student contract. 

2. If it is determined that tests will be taken in ARC, students must schedule tests and exams as soon as possible, and preferably with at least a one-week notice, to be guaranteed both a proctor and a seat in the testing lab. ARC staff will endeavor to accommodate with less timely notification, but staff cannot guarantee availability of a proctor and/or seat in the testing lab.

2. Students and faculty must complete an ARC exam proctoring authorization form in order to notify ARC about their needs for alternative testing and accommodations. This form must be completed, signed, and delivered to ARC by the student or faculty member before exams will be administered. The student’s name, exam date, time of the exam, and the course name and number should be specified on the form. Professors also should indicate on the form any materials that the student can use during the exam and any directions that the student should be made aware of to take the exam.

3. Professors may arrange to have the exam sent to ARC by having the exam delivered to ARC, emailing the exam as an attachment, faxing the exam, or having the student pick up the exam in a sealed and signed envelop prior to testing. 

4. ARC will proctor the examination on the date and time indicated on the exam authorization form while providing the recommended accommodations needed by the student. With the exception of evening classes, students should take the test the SAME TIME the class regularly meets, unless the instructor provides permission for an alternate time. ARC is authorized to proctor the exam only during the time specified by the professor on the testing authorization form. If students cannot receive their extended time due to back-to-back classes, they will work with ARC and their faculty member to determine an alternate exam time. If students wish to change their exam time, they must request the change from their faculty member.

5. Instructors should specify on the exam authorization form how they will pick up the exam from ARC. Instructors may choose to pick up the exam themselves or designate an employee to pick up exams. Alternatively, instructors may request ARC staff to scan and email the exam back, fax it, or have students return it to them directly in a signed and sealed envelope immediately after the exam is completed.

6. Students who arrive at ARC late for an exam may have this time deducted from their scheduled testing time, as in the case of classroom testing.  If a student does not come in to take a scheduled exam at ARC, the examination will be sent back to the professor.  Therefore, students must have the professor approve any change in time of administration of exams before ARC will make an appointment to reschedule proctoring the exam again.

Last Revised 03/23/2020