Room Change Period & Consolidation

Room Change Period

Housing & Residence Life offers a room change period in the first few weeks of each semester. This process allows students to move to another space on campus, based on availability, with no questions asked. This is a helpful process for students who may not like their room assignment and would feel comfortable in a new space. The room change period takes place once every semester. There is a grace period at the beginning of the semester before the room change period starts. This is to allow time for roommates to make a good faith effort to resolve differences and for the university to assess its housing needs. 

The room change period process:
The process is subject to change without notice. 

  1. The resident signs up for an appointment with the Housing Coordinator; 
  2. The resident attends their scheduled appointment, discusses available options, chooses a new space, and completes the room change paperwork; 
  3. The resident has 24 hours to move into their new space and return their old room key, avoiding lock replacement charges. 

Announcements regarding the process are sent out via email each semester. Students are encouraged to monitor their UNC Pembroke email account for more information regarding the room change period each semester. 

Additional information about the room change period: 

  • Residents should not relocate without permission from the Housing office. Illegal room changes (during the room change period or at any time) will result in fees being charged and the Student Conduct process being initiated.
  • Only during the room change period are room changes permitted with no questions asked. After the room change period, residents must meet with their respective community director and participate in the roommate mediation process to be considered for a room change.
  • Students can be assigned to housing vacancies at any time during the academic year. If your roommate moves out, there is a high likelihood that another roommate will be assigned. Failure to always keep the room move-in ready (the second set of furniture being unoccupied and ready for a roommate at any time) can result in charges.


The university reserves the right to consolidate rooms to ensure full capacity when vacancies occur and may move students to another room when such consolidation becomes necessary. Requests to honor specific roommate, room, or hall assignments are not guaranteed. Residents whose roommates did not enroll for the semester must adhere to the consolidation policy.

To assist students with understanding the department’s consolidation policy, Housing and Residence Life has established the following procedure:

  • For many students, having a roommate enhances their residential experience. If you need assistance in identifying a compatible roommate, please contact your Community Director.
  • Students who do not obtain a roommate may accept the room as a single and agree to pay the single room fee. The student should understand that the single room is for the current semester and is not guaranteed for the next semester. A form to obtain the room as a single may be obtained from the Housing Office in Belk Hall.
  • Students who do not choose the single room option should understand the University reserves the right to consolidate rooms to full capacity. A student who chooses this option may have to move to another room and/or must keep their room in “move-in ready” condition so a new roommate can be assigned. Students that choose this option may not change the agreement later during the semester.

All room changes must be completed within three (3) calendar days after notification to consolidate.