PURC Center

Grant Opportunities

Grant Opportunities

The Pembroke Undergraduate Research and Creativity (PURC) Center is accepting requests for funding to support Faculty Mentored Student Scholarship/Creativity. 

  1. Student Travel Funds (STF) are funds to assist with travel for research, presentation of extracurricular projects or exhibits, meetings, and performances. 

  2. Student Scholarship Support (S3) funds short-term extracurricular research, creative projects, entrepreneurial, and scholarly endeavors.

  3. Undergraduate Scholar Assistantships (USA) funds semester-long extracurricular research, creative, entrepreneurial, and scholarly endeavors. This grant is temporarily suspended.

All students seeking PURC Center funds must collaboratively develop their proposal with a faculty mentor. All students supported by PURC Center funds must present their work at the PURC Symposium in the Spring.

Qualifications for all PURC Center funding:

  1. Be enrolled as a degree-seeking undergraduate student at UNCP in good academic standing
  2. Have completed a minimum of 12 credits at UNCP by time of application
  3. Other grant-specific requirements may apply.

All materials purchased with funds awarded by the PURC Center become property of UNCP. Any purchases of software and data processing hardware must be approved by DoIT. Please refer all purchasing requests to DoIT Purchasing.

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