PURC Center

Grant Opportunities

The Pembroke Undergraduate Research and Creativity (PURC) Center is accepting requests for funding to support Faculty Mentored Student Scholarship/Creativity. 

  1. Student Travel Funds (STF) are designed to help defray costs associated with travel for research, or to conferences, meetings, exhibits, or performances where the student’s extracurricular project is presented. Support can include costs of travel, room, board, and registration. The maximum request amount for STF is $500; group requests can be funded up to $2,000. Requests are due by the 1st of each month, with award announcement by month’s end. You must include a copy of the acceptance letter for the presentation/performance/exhibit. If evidence of acceptance is not available by the grant deadline, indicate acceptance pending and include copy of meeting solicitation.  Proposals should be submitted mindful of this schedule.
  2. Funding through the Student Scholarship Support (S3) can be used to cover the cost of supplies or related expenses for extracurricular, faculty-mentored research/creative endeavors. These funds cannot be used to cover the cost of class projects or assignments. The maximum request amount for S3 is $500. Requests are due by the 1st of each month, with award announcement by month’s end. Proposals should be submitted mindful of this schedule. We will consider S3 proposals for the summer terms that are submitted by the end of April.
  3. Undergraduate Scholar Assistantships (USA) are offered each semester to support students working with faculty members on their scholarly projects. Requests for these assistantships may include up to $1,200 ($10/hour, 10 hours/week, 12 weeks/semester) for student stipend (a maximum of $2,400/academic year) and up to $500 for research supplies or related expenses. IRB approval must be initiated by the time of application; approval must be procured before funding begins.  Funds not expended during a fall/spring semester award period may, with PURC director approval, be carried over into the following spring/summer unless the student has been awarded another USA for the semester into which the funds are to be carried  (Note: all funds shall be used prior to 30 June).  USA are funded in part by a grant through the Department of Education- Native American Serving Non-Tribal Institutions (DOE-NASNTI).
    Deadlines are 1 July (Fall), 1 November (Spring), 1 April (Summer).

All students supported by PURC Center funds must have a faculty mentor.

Qualifications for all PURC Center funding:

  1. Be enrolled as a degree-seeking undergraduate student at UNCP in good academic standing
  2. Have completed a minimum of 12 credits at UNCP by time of application

All materials purchased with funds awarded by the PURC Center become property of UNCP.

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