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Numerade is offering flexible, remote and paid internship opportunities through developing STEM content. The outcomes of this internship will provide you with experience developing project and time management, teaching, and increase subject matter expertise. 

We offer students a remote, flexible, and paid internship to college students. They help develop lesson videos for middle school and high school students in their subject matter. This helps them earn experience, receive an income, and further master STEM subject material through explanation.

Here’s an example of one of our undergraduate educators

If you’re interested in applying please go sign up at this link and select “content

The Office for Community and Civic Engagement is now seeking applications for the 2021 SECU Public Fellows Internship Program.   The purpose of the internship program is to connect undergraduate students with local leadership in order to obtain meaningful on-the-job experience with local agencies or community based organizations to provide a unique learning opportunity that allows the intern to give back to his/her community.   The internship program also helps build capacity for underserved areas and helps reduce the talent drain from rural communities in North Carolina.    

There are twenty (20) available internships for summer 2021 in a variety of disciplines and focus areas (listed below).   Students meeting the qualifications (also listed below) are invited to apply on Handshake between February 15-March 31.   Applications will be reviewed as they are received, so students are encouraged to apply early!    Students may apply for more than one internship and will be notified of acceptance and placement by mid-April. 

Requirements for students: 

  • Be currently enrolled at the University of North Carolina Pembroke and registered for courses for the following fall semester as anundergraduate student
  • At least Sophomore status as of May 24, 2021 (successfully completed at least 30 credit hours)
  • Minimum of 2.75 Cumulative GPA
  • North Carolina Resident
  • Not be a director, employee, or family member of a director or employee of SECU or SECU Foundation.
  • Not have participated in the SECU Public Fellows Internship program in the past
  • Not be employed by another university department between May 2021-August 2021
  • Submitted application on HandShake accompanied with resume, cover letter, and one letter of recommendation.   Look for SECU Public Fellows Internships—all are linked below. 
  • Participation in professional development trainings and Internship Orientation (Date TBD)
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to their education and communities through active service and leadership on and off campus
  • Have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Demonstrate an eagerness to learn and a positive attitude
  • Proven ability to work in a team environment with diverse groups of people
  • Be willing to take initiative and be self-motivated to complete tasks and assignments
  • Have a passion for their areas of study as demonstrated through participation in research, presentations, or projects in their fields.

Selected students will be paid $13 per hour for 325 hours between May 24, 2021 and August 13, 2021 and will be required to participate in at least 25 hours of paid professional development training (for a total of 350 hours). 

For additional information, please contact Christie Poteet at or 910-775-4296.

 Site Listings and Job Numbers:

4408659 SECU Internship Program: Robeson County Rape Crisis Center

4408851 SECU Internship Program: Scotland County Parks & Recreation

4408526 SECU Internship Program: NC Cooperative Extension

4408807 SECU Internship Program: Robeson County Partnership for Children

4407155 SECU Internship Program: American Red Cross

4408904 SECU Internship Program: Stop the Pain

4408688 SECU Internship Program: Robeson County Church and Community Center

4408704 SECU Internship Program: Robeson County District Attorney's Office

4409159 SECU Internship Program: Robeson County Finance Department

4409178 SECU Internship Program: Town of Rowland

4409124 SECU Internship Program: Public Schools of Robeson County

4409555 SECU Internship Program: Robeson County Housing Authority

4408604 SECU Internship Program: Pembroke Police Department

4408497 SECU Internship Program: Whiteville Manos Unidas

4407181 SECU Internship Program: Borderbelt AIDS Resource Team

4408741 SECU Internship Program: Robeson County Government/Human Resources Department

4409078 SECU Internship Program: United Way of Robeson County

4407224 SECU Internship Program: Laurinburg Chamber of Commerce

4408558 SECU Internship Program: PAWSS, Inc

4408769 SECU Internship Program: Robeson County Guardian ad Litem

4408876 SECU Internship Program: Southeastern Family Violence Center


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