PURC Symposium

2017 PURC Symposium

PURC Symposium 2019 is on April 10 in the UC Annex 

Registration is open from February 1st through March 13th. Please complete this pre-registration survey and then you will be automatically directed to the registration through Google Forms:

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2018 PURC Symposium Program and Handout is available for download.


  1. Students are encouraged to adapt their presentations to the standard poster format.  Easels, poster boards (3ft x 4ft) and push pins will be provided at the Forum.  Posters must be printed prior to the event. 
  2. Oral presentations: Presentations will be limited to 15 minutes (12 minutes for the presentation, 3 minutes for questions). Students are encouraged to prepare a PowerPoint slide show to accompany their talk.
  3. Scholarly Performance/Film, Music or Video Productions are also welcome. Students will present their performance. Each presenter will have a total of 15 minutes for the performance and questions/answers, using any combination of up to 15 minutes to best highlight their work. For example, you could have a 10 minute performance and take 5 minutes to answer questions. We will provide a TV/DVD combo if needed.
  4. Exhibit/Displays are welcome for those in the visual arts. All exhibits will be displayed in the same room as the posters. Please advise the staff of your needs such as a pedestal, or a need to hang on wall.


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UNC-Pembroke 13th Undergraduate and Research Creativity Symposium

Schedule of Events
April 10, 2019
UC Annex

9am: Opening Remarks 
      Dr. Ryan K. Anderson,
PURCC Director/History

      Dr. Bob Poage, RISE Co-Director/Biology

9:20-10:05am: Oral Presentations
Part 1: Sciences

“Improving the economy of medical diagnosis: Faster and cheaper lab tests for blood work and urinalysis”
                  Xin Dong, Chemistry and Physics

“Antimicrobial Effects of St. John the Worker Native American Herbal Tea”
                 Cheyenne Lee, Biology

“Testing natural extracts to treat early indicators of dementia in a rat model"
                  Kaitlin Smith, Biology 

10:15am: 1st Creative Performance (Acto Latino) 

“La fábula de la nevera, el cuchillo y el mechero”
                  Acto Latino

10:45-11:45 2nd Oral Presentation Group
Part 2: Humanities and Social Sciences 

 “Activism in Hip Hop”
                 Tiara May, History

“Mapping the Underground Railroad: Documenting Cora's Journey to Freedom”
                  Aaliyah Weatherington, Geology and Geography 

“Racism, Racial Profiling, and Prejudice through Hip-Hop”
                  Hakeem Abdur-Rahim, History

“Mothers on The Mind”
                  Sydney Blake, English, Theatre & Foreign Languages

Noon: Lunch 

12:30pm: Keynote Speaker

“Strengthening your networks of support and mentorship through undergraduate research”
                  Dr. Ryan Emanuel, Center for Geospatial Analytics, Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources, North Carolina State University

1:15pm: 2nd Creative Performance

“Ego Flos Campi”
                  Pembroke Singers

1:30-3:00pm: Poster Session 

3:00-3:30pm: Oral Presentations
Part 3: Group Travel supported by the Dr. Charles Humphrey Undergraduate Conference Travel Award

      “NCANS-Attending a Professional Conference”

      “Literacy Disrupted-but not Defeated: The Impact of Hurricane Florence on a University/School Literacy Service Learning Partnership in Robeson County, NC”

3:30: UR Mentor Award

3:45: Closing Remarks

      Dr. Ryan K. Anderson, PURCC Director/History


 Past PURCS Winners: