Resources and Useful Information for Consumers

American Medical Association. (2008). New AMA guidelines on medical tourism. – Last article was posted in 2013. – A useful consumer resources website. 

Rahim, S. (2007, Nov 14). Q&A: Preparing for a surgery abroad. NPR. 



Medical Tourism Blog – Managed by Healthbase, Newton, MA, since Jan 2007-2014. 

Medical Tourism Blog – Managed by Medical Tourism Corporation, Plano, TX, since Aug 2007. 

The Medical Travel Site – Based in Thailand since Aug 2006-2013. 


Magazines & Newsletters Devoted to Medical Tourism

International Medical Travel Journal (2007-current)Newsletter that provides insight into the medical travel and medical tourism sector, based in UK. It maintains a database of global healthcare providers and MTFs. 

Medical Tourism Magazine. (2008-current). – Magazines issued by Medical Tourism Association, West Palm Beach, FL. 

(Last updated June 1, 2021)