About MTRC


The mission of the Medical Tourism Research Center is

  • to facilitate research on medical tourism
  • to encourage collaboration in research and teaching on medical tourism.
  • to educate the public as potential consumers of medical tourism


The Medical Tourism Research Center seeks to facilitate research on medical tourism by highlighting current reseach on medical tourism and sources of information, and by encouraging collaboration among researchers in this field.

The Center also seeks to provide information about medical tourism to consumers who are considering medical tourism or who have recently engaged in medical tourism.  It is not our intention to recommend any medical tourism agency or foreign healthcare provider.  So, nothing on this Web site should be construed as an endorsement of any agency or of any healthcare provider.

Lastly, we hope that medical tourism researchers will be able to find other researchers of similar interests through our Web pages, and that these contacts will lead to fruitful research collaborations.



The Medical Tourism Research Center does not receive any external funding.