Graduate Student Travel Grant

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Graduate Student Travel Award Application Instructions

The Graduate Student Travel Grant assists graduate students with travel costs to a regional, national, or international academic conference or professional society meeting. The Graduate School will consider applications for travel awards submitted by students engaged in professional activities. Maximum award

  • for the purpose of presenting research or scholarly art is $500 (eight awarded).
  • for the purpose of attending a regional or national/international conference, exhibition, studio visit etc. associated with one’s program is $250 (eight awarded).

In order to be eligible for consideration for these awards, the applicant must:

  • agree to present his/her project at a Graduate Research Symposium, or have already done so;
  • be in good academic standing in a graduate degree program at UNCP;
  • obtain signatures of support from a faculty mentor and the program director;
  • submit an application for the travel award no later than 30 days prior to travel date;
  • complete travel within six months of the award date and prior to graduation;
  • use funds only for travel identified in the application;

Funding may only be used for the following expenses: Please familiarize yourself with the University’s Policy on Travel Expenses prior to submitting your application.

• Transportation to and from the conference: air, bus, train fare – receipt required; mileage calculated if you are driving (the following are not eligible for reimbursement from this grant: rental cars, parking, travel insurance, upgrades, baggage fees)

• Lodging (receipt required), and

• Conference registration fees (receipt required).

Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Award sizes are based upon availability of funds and previous support to the applicant. 

To apply, mail or hand deliver the original application materials at least 30 days prior to travel to:

UNCP Graduate School

P.O. Box 1510

Pembroke, NC 28372

  1. Completed Graduate Student Travel Award Application

If travel is overnight or prepayment is requested, the following two forms must be completed (found on the controller’s website): Student Travel Form and Travel Request Form (links to form and instructions). Students will not fill in the 6-digit account code and are not allowed to drive a state vehicle. If you are applying for funds from other sources (e.g., your department), have the department chair or dean sign the form and indicate the amount of their financial support (if any) prior to bringing the Travel Request form and other materials to The Graduate School office.

  1. Include: Copy of the acceptance letter for the presentation/performance/ exhibit or documentation of conference/event if attending, only; copy of registration indicating cost; estimate of travel expense

You will be notified of grant award decision through your UNCP Bravemail account. 

  1. Upon completion of the travel, students granted an award will need to complete and submit to the Graduate Office a Travel Reimbursement form with all accompanying receipts within 30 days of travel or award cannot be paid.